Thursday, August 2, 2012

eBooks vs. Hardcovers

I read a blog post written by The Unquiet Librarian.  The post talked about the different reading experiences when reading a digital text as compared to a printed text.  She discussed her experience reading poetry in an eBook format and in print.  She was not pleased with her eBook experience and decided to continue purchasing printed poetry.

I will always love reading books in the paper format.  I like being able to touch the pages I am reading, seeing how much I've read and how much is left, and putting it on my bookshelf when I am finished.  It's so much more fun to curl up with a book on the couch than plopping a laptop on your lap to see if Mr. Darcy can woo Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

I commented on her blog post expressing my hopes that bookstores won't go out of business.  I love going into Barnes and Nobles and perusing their classics section.  I don't want to do this through iBooks or Amazon; it's not the same :( !!  

Also, I read so much on my computer because all of our readings are digital in this program.  It's perfect for school because it's convenient.  However, reading a printed book for fun is just that, fun.  I hope Bookstores can weather the eBook craze!


  1. This is my cause, Musetta! I will never stop fighting the impending ePocalypse, especially when it comes to books. The printed word has something unmatchable. Yes, Kindles are convenient; I get the appeal. But isn't reading about more than convenience? Isn't it about the memories of particular editions? Isn't it about the sensual experience of turning pages with your fingers and wafting the smell up? Isn't it about the texture of the cover?

    I abhor reading on the computer. Gives me a headache. I have to print things out, no matter what.

    I read that post, too. Loved it. :)

  2. Hey Musetta, I agree with your and Saskia's points about reading for pleasure being something about more than simply reading, I for one enjoy being able to look at bookshelves in my house and remember each and every book I read and how much i enjoyed turning the pages and filling my imagination with the words written there. However, I have to argue for the convenience that eBooks present, especially in terms of education. I can't count how many times I've seen students running around with backpacks that are twice the size they are. I remember in high school just how much my back hurt every night as I carried around textbooks for five classes in my backpack. eBooks will not only make education more convenient for all of us, it will also make it cheaper and spending as little as possible is one thing that is always on the top of a college student's list. Also, the environment.

  3. THERE IS NO BETTER FEELING THAN GETTING TO THE END OF A LONG BOOK, CLOSING IT, FEELING THE WEIGHT, AND THINKING, "I FINISHED THIS." E-books will never have that, and it will be a sad sad day if printed books are unable to weather the e-book storm. I love looking at my bookshelf and seeing the colorful collection of books growing and growing. Best satisfaction in the world.

    If we lose bookstores, we lose that amazing moment when you are flipping through a book and someone walks by and offers their feelings about the book. It is such a personal and genuine exchange, one that I have yet to see replicated on websites.

    It just doesn't seem right to read about our favorite characters- of the past dropping handkerchiefs or feasting in a drafty castle- on a computer screen. The pings from our computer letting us know we have an unread e-mail message or that annoying auto-update popping up at the most inconvenient times will forever distract is from the actions taking place in the story.

    Long live the bookstore!