Monday, August 6, 2012

Last Day of 504 (Summer Session)

This summer with 504 was so much fun! I learned how to make a podcast, I made a website, and learned about Diigo.  I had no idea that making a website was so easy.  I have no idea what to put on it, but I have one :)  I think once I do more things in the MAC program that I feel are worthy of being on a website then I will post it.  For our last podcast, I used garage band and it was so easy.  It's funny that I used to hear about people having their own websites and I always thought, WOW! They know how to do that!  This was quickly followed by the thought, "What could I possibly fill a whole website with?".  I am excited to go back to some of the things we learned this summer, specifically Evernote.

Class on Friday was great! It was really nice having previous MACers come in and talk to us about their unique teaching environments.  It's also encouraging to see that people do have jobs after this program (I hope I am one of them! Crossing my fingers!!).  It was interesting to hear about the varying amounts of technology in each of the schools.  A woman who teaches at Detroit Country Day is in a school where every student has a computer, whereas another teacher worked at Ecorse High School and his outdated computer broke within the first three weeks and was never repaired.

I really enjoyed hearing their stories and envisioning myself being a real teacher with my own classroom (it's happening in a year :D) !! I hope we will get a chance to hear from MAC graduates as the year progresses.  But, right now I am ready for my well deserved three-week vacation!!!!!

Everyone enjoy your summer! Relax! Sleep in!! See you in September!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

eBooks vs. Hardcovers

I read a blog post written by The Unquiet Librarian.  The post talked about the different reading experiences when reading a digital text as compared to a printed text.  She discussed her experience reading poetry in an eBook format and in print.  She was not pleased with her eBook experience and decided to continue purchasing printed poetry.

I will always love reading books in the paper format.  I like being able to touch the pages I am reading, seeing how much I've read and how much is left, and putting it on my bookshelf when I am finished.  It's so much more fun to curl up with a book on the couch than plopping a laptop on your lap to see if Mr. Darcy can woo Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

I commented on her blog post expressing my hopes that bookstores won't go out of business.  I love going into Barnes and Nobles and perusing their classics section.  I don't want to do this through iBooks or Amazon; it's not the same :( !!  

Also, I read so much on my computer because all of our readings are digital in this program.  It's perfect for school because it's convenient.  However, reading a printed book for fun is just that, fun.  I hope Bookstores can weather the eBook craze!